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Is your website accessible to visitors with disabilities?

You could be sued!

Many small businesses and restaurants have been hit with ADA lawsuits.  Businesses want to provide access to everyone, regardless of disability, but compliance is complex and sometimes requirements are missed.

Most websites are not accessible.

That means that screen readers and other assistive devices don’t work properly and people with disabilities are unable to to use your website.

A recent study found the number of digital accessibility cases grew to 3,503 in 2020, up 21.2% from 2,890 in 2019. In 2021 the number of websites being used for ADA accessibility is growing.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines specifies the complex requirements for website accessibility.  Offering access to all websites visitors is not a one time process as technology is constantly changing and websites are updated frequently.

In the past accessibility was implemented with a labor intensive method of testing and updating hundreds of components.  I spent hours and hours testing, updating and testing a website for the California Bar Association.  It was not a fun process.  And worst yet, any future update to the website was likely to undo the work performed and render the website no longer accessible.

I am happy to have found a solution that is easy to install and enables websites to be accessible to all.  I have been setting up and installing UserWay for my clients in Napa Valley and beyond.  It works on all website platforms and can be installed in minutes.

Give it a try yourself, or schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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