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Are you a Millennial? 

Do your older relatives think that you know everything about the internet (and maybe you do.)

Are you expected to launch an e-commerce store to sell your relative’s ceramic cat bowls or a blog about life on the farm during the old days?  And actually talk on the phone too?

My millennial children have been the best source of referrals to my business. 

You can be a great resource for your older relatives just by making the right introduction.

Do you know any Boomer aged techies that have been laid off?  They will be delighted to talk on the phone and set up a ceramic cat bowl store or blog about the old farm days.

Make the introduction and be a hero both to your relatives and to someone needing a small paying project.

After all, your relatives don’t need AWS, Ruby on Rails or node.js.  A simple Shopify site or Squarespace blog will do the trick.

Need Help Now?

Get your Technical Rescue.

On the initial call we will discuss your issues and determine the work required to resolve them.  Depending on the complexity of your issues, we may be able to resolve it on the same day.  We will schedule your review call to go over the completed work.