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Offer your Products and Services to Customers in New Ways

Business will not return to ‘normal’ again.  We have to find new ways to offer our products and services to customers.

We specialize in working with businesses that have (or used to have) a physical location and depended on seeing customers face to face.  Since March 17, 2020 we have been working with our customers to help them continue to operate in new ways.

Now we are ready to help you.


Schedule your FREE Strategy session where we will explore how you can save your business and start making money again.

I have helped hundreds of small businesses pivot and thrive.  Often times the process of explaining their business to an outside consultant has enabled business owners to discover their own solutions that they can implement themselves without additional costs.

I am not here to sell you anything. I am here to help.

In some cases you may decide to use me to set up new online services. But you may be able implement new solutions without my assistance.

Jean Christofferson
Investor & Online Business Consultant

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