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I am an organic gardener.  Working outside is so therapeutic after sitting all day typing away on my computer.

I spent last weekend working in the garden. I dug up the soil, added compost and seeded a cover crop of sweet peas and rye.  It was hard work!

Over the next several months I will water and watch it grow.  I will then mow it down and work it into the soil. Next spring I will at last plant my new garden.

This is the same approach that you need to take with your email list.

You have to do the work to grow your list.

It takes time to build your own list.

But your reward will be a well engaged list.

Short cuts will backfire.

I recently dealt with a client that had a new offer they wanted to promote. They hired a copywriter and a graphic designer.  They had the perfect message.  They customized the subject, graphics and message to each of the different target demographics.

But when they finally hit send it blew up.

Not in a good way.

The bounce rate was 25%. The unsubscribe rate was 10%. The open rate was 1%.  No one purchased.

The email campaign triggered a record number of serious spam complaints and resulted in them being blacklisted.

The list was a purchased list.

Don’t buy lists.

Grow your own. Organic is best!




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