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Inbound Demand Generation & Conversion Optimization

Marketing & Sales Automation

Lead Generation

Use the Inbound methodology to attract leads and provide the information to meet the needs of your ideal customers.  Identify what channels and content are working at each stage of the customer journey. 


Jean Christofferson is a HubSpot Solutions Partner  focusing on Sales & Marketing and specializing in automation and integration.  Segment your leads, get your workflows setup up for personalized followup and take action when prospects signal they are ready.


Reports that identify what is working and where to focus your efforts require good data from multiple sources: website, forms, email, social, organic search and paid traffic sources.  Measure and optimize your results

Get What Your Company Needs

Custom Services

We combine strategy, implementation and training to offer the best solutions for your requirements.  We work on a retainer basis that provides you with the flexibility and access you need.  

HubSpot Audit

Get a comprehensive audit of your HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs. 

Find out what is working, what is missing, and what can be added or improved upon.

Recent Projects


Coworking Space

The Hivery

  • Built the Hivery's 1st virtual community to enable live streaming of events
  • Facebook advertising to generate sales and grow the email list
  • Business automation and member management system integration with customer onboarding to increase retention

Grapeseed Oil

Salute Santé

  • Website optimization for retail and wholesale
  • Google & Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Email list hygiene & list growth.
  • Lead nurture sequences



Leadership Training


  • HubSpot Sales & Marketing Pro setup and optimization
  • Data audit and cleanup
  • Reporting
  • SEO