Analysis & Recommendations

HubSpot Audit

Analysis & Recommendations

Get a comprehensive audit of your HubSpot Marketing, Sales & Service Hubs.  

  • How well is your lead generation performing? 
  • Do you have effective segmentation and nurture workflows for your personas?
  • Are you getting the right leads that convert to sales qualified leads?  
  • What is your deal velocity and close rate?
  • Are your customers happy?
  • Which customers are your best promoters? 

What does growing corn have to do with HubSpot Marketing, Sales & service Hubs?

Pollen from the tassel on top of the corn must reach each of the silks on the emerging ear of corn.  There are up to 800 kernels on each cob that must be pollinated.  This must happen within a 5 day period.

Your leads need to be captured, segmented, nurtured and converted to sales in the optimal time period for your business.

Missing the nick is what it is called when corn fails to pollinate.

Don't miss out on revenue.  Audit your Marketing and Sales Hubs and optimize for success.

You will receive an Audit Report that examines each area and breaks it down into Opportunity, Problem and Solution.  There will be multiple sections focusing on different components of your business.

An Audit Dashboard will be built in your HubSpot account to support each focus area of the Audit Report. 

The focus is different for each business but always includes inputs (leads), processes (workflows, sequences, activities), and outputs (deals.)

For example one component could start with a lead generation form.  The number of leads captured, the segmentation and quality of those leads,  Marketing Qualified Lead status, and the workflow performance will be examined.

If SalesHub is utilized then a separate component of the audit will examine what tiggers a lead to become a Sales Qualified Lead, sequences and sales activities, and deal pipeline workflows and performance.

No.  We can focus the audit on just one Hub.  Often the audit is focused on Marketing Hub and you may not have Sales Hub yet.   Or you have Sales Hub but want to focus on improvements to your lead generation process. Service Hub can be added to collect feedback from your customers and offer self service options.

 The audit may touch on additional areas such as the website, Google Analytics, Advertising or eCommerce but will not focus in depth on those areas.

For example, if you have a lead generation form that is not performing well the landing page will be evaluated for optimization opportunities.  The traffic to the page and any advertising to the page will be examined.  If you are not getting the right traffic to the page that issue must be resolved before you can optimize your workflows,

We start with a discovery call to determine the scope of the audit.  We will need super admin access to HubSpot to perform the audit. We may need access to other areas such as Google Analytics. 

Depending on your objectives and goals, your team does not have to be involved during the audit. 

The timeframe depends on your requirements and scope.  Audits typically take 4 to 8 weeks to complete.

No.  The recommendations for each of the components can be implemented by your team or another resource.  In other cases we directly implement the recommendations or work with your team.

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