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What do you need help with?

  • Effective use of HubSpot
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Workflow Setup and Optimization
  • Pipeline Setup and Accuracy
  • Service Tickets & Operations Support
  • Task Management & Playbooks
  • Setting up Integrations
  • Data Audit and Cleanup
  • Documentation and Training

I specialize in Done With You services.  We get the most done working together on a weekly call and then separately creating deliverables.  At the end of the project you have all the knowledge, system set up and documentation you need. 

Please schedule a discovery call to determine if we are a fit.

Thank you,

Jean Christofferson


What does Chamomile have to do with HubSpot?

Reduce anxiety, relax and sleep better at night secure with the knowledge that your HubSpot instance is operating effectively for your business.  You have the knowledge and systems in place required for growth.

Chamomile is a calming herb that is often used as a tea to promote relaxation and sleep. 

Chamomile originated in Europe and Western Asia and was first cultivated in Egypt over 2,000 years ago. In ancient Greek times Hippocrates documented its medical use.  It was introduced to North America and used by early settlers and Native Americans for wound healing, stomachache, and anxiety.

Enjoy your Chamomile tea with honey!

The first step is to schedule a free discovery call.  On this call we will explore your requirements, budget and timeframe.

Next I will create a proposal that outlines the areas of service and what the deliverables are.

After we are in alignment I will get started. 

Payment is on a monthly basis. Initial contract term is typically 3 months.

During the retainer we will meet on a scheduled basis, either weekly or every other week.

We may also schedule working sessions to explore requirements more in depth and to train you or your staff in particular areas.

The specific deliverables depend on your requirements but include completed and functioning dashboards, workflows, pipelines, sequences, playbooks and task queues.

Full documentation is provided both in HubSpot and as external documents.

No.  We start with where you are and what your requirements are.  In some cases we may recommend upgrades or adding an additional hub if that will result in an increased ROI for your business.

With an extensive technical background I do offer services in other areas depending on your requirements.  Areas of expertise include web development, Email Delivery, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and targeted Google Advertising.  

Depending on your requirements I may introduce you to another consultant that specializes in that area, such as advertising.

I also often serve as a technical watchdog to audit services that you are receiving from other sources.

I am not a graphic designer or a copy writer.  

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